#13 Edition of the Blog Carnival

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  1. Aldi wrote:

    Hi Ceci and Fiona!What a great and enlightening iintrveew! Fiona, thanks so much for all the information. I loved what you said: Kids need somebody to listen to them. How important that is that should be on a sign or banner in every classroom. And we as educators need to constantly keep this in mind no matter how much material or media we have for them, students need someone there to listen and help them externalise all the great capabilities they have in them. I really hope to meet you face-to-face some day Fiona!Ceci,Thanks so much for this iintrveew on the specific topic. I will also try, as Tyson mentioned, to take part in #BRELTChat it is a great discussion and a great opportunity to learn more!Hugs,Vicky