What Is Project Peace?

Project Peace was launched in 2007. It asked teachers to make videos about peace with their students.
Simple videos that would also help students learn English through songs about peace.

Students drew pictures and wrote out the song lines using the Peace Pack cards. They took pictures of the cards and put them together with the music to make a video. The videos were highlighted on EFL Classroom and also the original Project Peace website. Videos were viewed 100s of 1,000s of times and a message of peace was spread.

Now we are re-launching Project Peace on the 10th anniversary of the original project.

1. Make a class video. Your own creative project or use our Peace Packs.
2. Upload the video onto Youtube and ping us about it @eflprojectpeace on Twitter
3. Your video will be added to the Project Peace site
4. July 2018 we’ll announce contest winners and prizes!

Let’s give peace a chance!